Sustainable Collection For Zero-Waste Movement

We believe we can and should take part in making our future sustainable. andar sustainable collection is designed and created with an effort to provide eco-friendly and affordable products for our customers, and minimize our footprint on environment by joining the zero-waste movement.

Every year tons of quality-fabrics goes to waste even before they are made into clothes because they do not 100% match the standards manufacturers intended to. In order to partake in the zero-waste movement towards sustainability, we decided to do it differently – we made a more affordable, eco-friendly version of leggings instead of turning them into waste.

Recycled PET fabric

In order to make environmentally conscious consumption and customer satisfaction go together, we put in great effort in making recycling fabric wearable and affordable, not to mention stylish.


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Christina White Dec 31, 2021
Blanche Harris Dec 31, 2021
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