Stress Free & Pain Free

The Be Free collection, like the name suggests keeps you free from that sweaty-sticky feeling that causes less-than-pleasant experience.
The Tactel-Lycra fabric blend enhances the Be Free's ventilation function. It dries 8 times faster than normal cotton fabrics, keeping your body temperature low, comfort level high.

Hate the sticky-sweaty feeling? Get Be Free to be free. 

Detail in Every Stitch.

On the left is a regular hem and on the right side is andar's seamless hem (cover stitch).

Be Free took into factors which other brands may neglect. 

There is detail in literally, every stitch. 

Premium Tactel Lycra Fabric with 75 Years of History

We are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality products. 

Made from Tactel-Lycra fabric blend which prides in
elasticity & ventilation capabilities and 75 years of successful history, 
we strive to provide you with effortless style and fit.

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